Swirly Bears Candy Making Classes are a really fun party for grown ups or kids alike!

Let's get started with a special treat, an Ice Cream Sundae! As the class begins and we are all getting to know each other we start out with an Ice Cream Sundae for each person. This is a delicious create your own sundae and you can pick your flavor of ice cream, and choose your toppings! Then as we are all seated for class enjoying our ice cream we will begin to talk about and learn to make some candy!

In our Candy Making Class we will each make our own custom giant lollipop! These are no ordinary lollipops, they are 7 inches round and full of your choice of candies and colors and flavors! You might pick between M&Ms, Skittles, Nerds, Twizzlers, Sprinkles, for a fun whirlwind of candy sweetness, or you might go for the gourmet approach and use coconut, peanuts or almonds, cranberries, or lavender! Time to add some color, swirl it all the different colors into a rainbow, or choose just one color, you can do whatever you like! Flavors can also be added to customize the taste of your giant lollipop! We will show you techniques in options to create designs or even images in your lollipop, its all about having fun and being creative! Classes are held during the week and on the weekends during afternoons and evenings!

Children's Candy Making and Ice Cream Parties are also a great choice for birthdays, celebrations, or just for some childish fun! We can accommodate up to 16 children for an amazingly fun time! These private parties are held Tuesday - Thursday in the afternoons and evenings, and can also be requested on Saturday or Sunday throughout the afternoon and evening!

Tickets to our classes are sold for 2 persons per ticket! One ticket for 2 persons is $59. This includes admission for 2 persons to each eat a custom Ice Cream Sundae and for each person to make their own custom Giant Lollipop! We will also send you home with the knowledge you would need to make custom lollipops and hard candies of all kinds at home!

Group Rates are available for Children's Parties as well as groups of Grown Ups! Private parties are sold for groups of 10 - 16 persons. The cost is $399. and each person will be able to create their own Ice Cream Sundae, and Giant Lollipop!

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